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WPCR has been awakening racial awareness and spurring participants into action since 1999. WPCR alumni continue to carry out action plans to confront, challenge and dismantle racism wherever they live, work, worship, and volunteer. 


Today, we are asking WPCR alumni to consider a donation to help expand WPCR’s work at this critical time in history. In this year of urgent crises, WPCR has met the moment. We quickly pivoted from face-to-face to online workshops. More workshops were offered in more communities than ever before. Our cadre of co-facilitators stepped up without hesitation to meet the new technology requirements and increased demand for workshops. We have developed and continue to incorporate best practices for virtual workshops.

Your donation to WPCR helps advance our mission to support efforts to dismantle racism in our society through providing the information, skills, and resources to spur people to action in standing up against racism. Please donate today.


WPCR operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Community Change, Inc. (CCI). To ensure that your contribution supports our programs, please write WPCR in the box denoting the purpose of your donation.