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Who We Are

WPCR facilitators were once students in the WPCR workshop. We returned to take it again, and then dedicated ourselves to bringing it to others. Facilitators meet monthly to hold ourselves accountable, share best practices, improve the workshops, and share our abiding commitment to building people's capacity to challenge racism and white privilege. If you are interested in becoming a co-facilitator, start by taking the workshop and continue with these steps.

Leadership Circle

Lavette Coney


Barbara Beckwith

Karen Blumenfeld

Michelle Chalmers

Mary Green

Stephen Pereira

Melanie (Mel) Roche-Laputka

Colin Stokes

Past Facilitators

Katy Allen

Peg Bad Warrior

Tona Basualdo-Delmonico

Blake Benton

Melissa Braaten

Chris Carney

Anna Chatillon

Nicole Chininis

Ted Cullinane

Devon Davidson

Julia Duncheon

Kelly deWolfe

Afrah Farah

Eric Foss

Natali (Tali) Freed

Shannon Fuller

Pat Gabridge

Denise Garcia

Mary Gardner

Stacie Garnett

Katherine Blake Gendron

Adam Gibbons

Heather Goldman

Pamela Goldstein

Eliot Graham

Lisa Graustein

Myles Green

Sandi Gubin

Beth Hampson

Jennifer Hart

Emily Heaphy

Beth Herman-Davis

Marcia Kimm-Jackson

Debby Kittredge Irving

Dove Kent

Xóchitl Kountz

P. Stewart Lanier

Anna Lifson

Marian Leighton Levy

Ann Mathes

Hannah Mermelstein

Nikki Moore

Danilo Morales

Jennie Msall

Susan Naimark

Erika Nauda

Christine Stella Panzarella

Jim Propp

Emily Forsyth Queen

Martha Rodriguez

Alexandra Steinhauer

Steve Saranga

Mark Schafer

Molly Schneider

Jeremy Sher

Rachel Szyman

Ian Trefethen

 If your dream is only about you, it’s too small.

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