Becoming a Co-Facilitator

We are actively seeking co-facilitators of all races, genders, ages, and backgrounds to play an important role in helping others through the initial journey toward antiracism.


Anyone who is interested in becoming a WPCR co-facilitator must go through a rigorous application process, beginning with taking the workshop twice. They must then meet the following criteria, as assessed by the WPCR Leadership Group:

  • Understands and can discuss how systemic racism works in the United States

  • Understands and can discuss their own role within this system

  • Is familiar with the ways privilege and power intersect across "isms" ("intersectionality of oppressions")

  • Is a patient, attentive, and non-judgmental listener

  • Is skillful in drawing people out

  • Can think and talk about meeting the needs of the group of workshop participants as a whole, as well as individually

  • Is good at taking and responding constructively to feedback

  • Is engaged in anti-racism work in other parts of their lives, outside of WPCR

  • Commits to co-faciltiating at least two workshops each year


If you want to be considered to co-facilitate WPCR workshops, follow these steps. 


  • Notify one of the co-facilitators of your workshop that you are interested. If the co-facilitator supports your interest, you will be assigned a Sponsor from the co-facilitator team to guide you through these steps.

  • Complete the workshop a second time, managing one activity.

  • Complete the co-facilitator application (why you want to become a WPCR co-facilitator; the external and/or internal anti-racism work you’ve done already; the anti-racism work you’re currently doing or planning to do; and the talents, skills, and experience that you bring to this work as a co-facilitator of WPCR workshops

  • If you are approved, your first two workshops will be co-facilitated with an experienced partner.


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