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A call to action

from Lavette Coney

Racism continues in Boston. The results of redlining live on, and the history of economic divestment is now turning into gentrification and displacement. In Roxbury, our municipal government is working against us, not for us. Vacant parcels of land are being rapidly bought up by developers. 

Roxbury United Neighborhoods (RUN) is demanding a voice for Black community members in how the land gets developed and who benefits. We need housing for Black people to own their own homes, so that they can create intergenerational wealth for their families, not to be perpetual renters who help someone else get and remain rich. We need a moratorium to pause development in Roxbury—and an audit of who the land was transferred to and who benefited financially. And we need to revamp the broken process that doesn’t genuinely include its residents.

Read about this issue in the Boston Globe here.

This is an urgent call to action. We need you as fellow human beings, as co-conspirators. We need you to use your white privilege to affect change and dismantle racism. We need you to follow our lead—the lead of those who are being oppressed and marginalized. 

So whatever spheres of influence you have, we need you to utilize them with us. Whatever skills that you have, employ them with us. Learn about our urgent needs and connect with us below.


If you have any of the following skills, or are just willing to pitch in as needed, please contact Lavette Coney at



  • Pro bono real estate lawyers (support to legally challenge ZBA, BPDA, and ISD decisions and BRA and City discriminatory policies)

  • Researchers for parcel history for use in RUN’s decision making; Boston and Black culture historians; researchers on legislation to ensure policies and procedures are being followed and community agreements adhered to

  • Support in locating public parcels in Roxbury and moving them into trusts


  • Media and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, topic-appropriate bloggers with large followings, etc.) 

  • Investigative and traditional media reporters and op-ed writers or editors 

  • Community organizers and outreach strategies 


  • Donations for legal advice and fees

  • Attend protests

  • Attend and record meetings in the city that impact our communities

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