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  • Fee structure

  • Booking a workshop - where have we already tried, worked with, succeeded, currently running regularly, etc…

  • Notify Colin and Michelle when the workshop is confirmed so they can add it to the WPCR website and Facebook page.

  • Add the workshop information to this document

  • Recruit participants using these promotional materials

  • Send the pre-workshop survey to all participants

    • When you open the document, it will ask if you want to make a copy

    • Make a copy, then go to the folder icon at the top of the page and save it in whatever folder you choose in your Google Drive

    • Or save by going to File, Save and then choose the Google folder to save it to

  • Call all participants prior to the workshop to make sure they understand the commitment.

    • Follow up on any survey answers you are curious about

    • Secure their commitment to attend all five sessions, do all the homework, and use both video and audio for all sessions

    • Mention that they will be paired with an accountability partner and ask if there is anyone they especially do or don’t want to be paired with

Before the Workshop

  • Communicating with participants

  • Tracker: attendance, assignment completion, notes on action plans

  • How to upload completed journeys and action plans with appropriate anonymity

  • Ask participants if they are okay with us sharing their email with CCI

  • Save receipts

During the Workshop

  • Checklist

  • Post-workshop survey to participants (link/paper version)

  • Write debrief including statistics (based on this form or this one)

  • Request reimbursement

After the Workshop

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