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Here’s what people have had to say about WPCR classes:

  • “It allowed me to become more comfortable challenging myself and my own assumptions with less guilt and more honesty.”
  • “When I was in the class, I realized that looking face on to this problem was giving me a lot of energy and enthusiasm, instead of a lot of guilt and despair.”
  • “I had been stuck thinking about this mostly in my head and it was very helpful to have other folks to discuss it with.”
  • “I learned most from listening to other participants.”
  • “I have a Ph.D., which is to say that I have taken probably several hundred courses in my life; unlike many that I enjoyed at the time but barely remember if at all today, White People Challenging Racism raised issues I continue to ponder and work to figure out.”
  • “It was nice to be in a program where everyone was open to examining their personal bias and difficulties with recognizing and admitting that we all had some sort of racism within ourselves.”
  • “The readings have really stuck with me and get richer as I re-read them.”
  • “The role plays were particularly helpful in showing me that I could act differently in situations that I was very worried about (e.g. …at family holidays)”