Ways of taking action with Indigenous communities that you can start doing today

Any links are starters for you. Nothing is definitive. Please continue your own research!

  1. Purchase and Read books by Indigenous authors – do your homework and make sure the person is Indigenous. Just because the book has First Nation People or Indigenous topics doesn’t mean that the author is Indigenous. Childrens’ books; Adult books
  2. Find a Pow Wow near you and go to it and buy things from the Indigenous Vendors
  3. Listen to Indigenous podcasts 
  4. Get involved in dismantling colonialism
  5. Do your own homework about the lands of the Indigenous Nations that you have inhabited in your lifetime  – be sure to check multiple sources and work to have those sources be from First Nations 
  6. Create your own land acknowledgement using resources and research
  7. Be aware of and support current legislation – there are several bills in our Massachusetts House of Representatives right now*
  8. Educate yourself and increase awareness of the crisis of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Two Spirit, Plus
  9. Read a treaty
  10. Keep learning and learning and researching and doing and contributing!


*Massachusetts BILLS 

1.  Resolve providing for the creation of a special commission relative to the seal and motto of the Commonwealth (which is very racist against Native Americans, especially the Massachusett tribe)

2.  An Act prohibiting the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth

3.  An Act to protect Native American heritage related to NAGPRA (The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) 

4.  An Act establishing an Indigenous People’s Day 

Contact your local representatives and let them know that you would like them to support these bills. Volunteer with any or all of these groups working on making these bills into laws. Talk to your family and friends about the importance of these bills. 

Action Specific to MMIWG2S+

(Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Two Spirit, Plus) – taken from the work of Luhui Whitebear, PhD student, WGSS-Oregon State University

  • Publicly declare Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Day on May 5 to raise awareness
  • Work with local Indigenous communities to hold awareness and community healing events
  • Contact local legislators to lobby for a national MMIW database as well as law reforms to address the prevalence of violence against Indigenous women
  • Support families with missing loved ones in their searches and other needs
  • Speak up against violence against Indigenous people in your community
  • Help raise awareness for all #MMIW and their families

Learning and researching and doing opportunities in Maine