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WPCR Alumni Meet-Up

Meet up with past students in WPCR and see what they’ve been up to, build and create an anti-racist community to continue the action of change.

Please contact WPCR on our Facebook Page or via our contact person if you have interest in participating in an alumni meet-up


Check out Boston’s Anti-Racist My Knapsack is Not Invisible MeetUp Group

Description taken from their MeetUp page

This a meetup group for folks who see racism as a white problem and/or are interested in learning about the systemic role of whiteness in our society. We’ll feed y’all (nothing fancy) and let you peruse the largest collection of anti-racist literature in New England (not to mention, you’ll meet some great folks). Sometimes we’ll have a reading, a talk, a movie and/or sometimes, we’ll just put up our feet and rest and/or roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty ;).