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What Makes Me White? is a startling new film
about the role of race in the daily lives of white people.
Designed as a gentle tool for the classroom, boardroom, and church
basement, the film avoids blame, guilt, or “political correctnesss.”
Instead, it inspires white people to honest reflection about the invisible
influence of whiteness on their personalities and their life choices.

The Color of Fear (Eight men of Asian, European, Latino, African-American and Native American backgrounds gather under the direction of seminar leader Lee Mun Wah for a three-day discussion of racism. In emotional and often heated exchanges, participants challenge the privileged status of white Americans and recount their own experiences with racism)

The Essential Blue Eyed: (1996, revised 1999): trainer Jane Elliott divides a multiracial group of Midwestern adults on the basis of eye color and subjects the blue-eyed members to a withering regime of humiliation. Elliott believes unless people have experienced discrimination for themselves they will never have the motivation to fight it.

Ethnic Notions: Marlon Riggs film (1987) traces stereotypes (loyal Toms, carefree Sambos, faithful Mammies, buffoonish Coons and wide-eyed Pickaninnies) that have fueled anti-black prejudice and analyses their use in American media and culture.

Eyes on the Prize (Henry Hampton) This 14 part documentary. chronicles the Civil Rights Movement and after, up through 1985. Produced over the course of twelve years by Blackside, Inc., one of the oldest minority-owned film and television production companies in the country.

 Color Adjustments: Marlon Riggs film (1991) analyzes 40 years of TV images of African Americans, with clips from Julia, All in the Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Hill Street Blues, LA Law, and Roots. A continuation of Ethnic Notions.

Not In Our Town (27 min). How the people of Billings, Montana, took a stand against a series of hate crimes in their community. A swift and very public response by law enforcement officials, the press, and community and church groups, drew ordinary citizens to take a series of actions that show courage, tolerance and cooperation.

Who Killed Vincent Chin? Film (1988) examines the brutal death in Detroit in 1982 of a 27-year-old Chinese-American man, murdered by two white men (a supervisor at Chrysler Motors and his son) who blamed him for the loss of jobs in the then-depressed US auto industry. The assailants were convicted but given a light sentence (3 years probation and $3,000 fine). Chin’s mother spearheaded an unprecedented nationwide protest. Eventually, civil rights charges were filed but both assailants were exonerated in an appeals trial.

True Colors: ABC News clip (19 minutes). Diane Sawyer follows an African American and a White man as each looks for apartment, applies for a job, shops for shoes, buys a car, etc.

Two Towns of Jasper (Black and White film crews document community’s response to the 1998 murder of James Byrd, Jr., who was chained to a pick-up truck and dragged to his death by three white men in Jasper, Texas.

Race: The Power of an Illusion (a 3-part 2003 documentary). For more information: and “race” website at

Skin Deep A 53-minute documentary in which a racially diverse group of college students confront racism and struggle to understand each other.

People Like Us Primarily about social class in the US, this PBS documentary also addresses issues of racism.

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? A comprehensive look at the wide socio-economic and racial disparities in health in the US and the world.

 Payback: A Reparations Story. An American Tale. This documentary spotlights a South Carolina family’s struggle to overcome the lingering effects of plantation slavery and all of its vestiges, through the modern day practice of slavery called share-cropping. This documentary offers information on the fundamentals of the reparations movement in the U.S

Some non-documentary films of interest

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Baghdad Café


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Bring It On


Cross Over Dreams

Dances with Wolves

Daughters of the Dust

Dim Sum

Do the Right Thing

Down to Earth

El Norte

Girl Fight

Glory Road

Higher Learning

Hoop Dreams

Incident at Ogalala: The Leonard Pelletier Story

Joy Luck Club

Jungle Fever

Just Another Girl on the IRT

Malcom X

Milgro Bean Field Wars

Mississippi Masala

Monsters’ Ball


Raisin in the Sun

Remember the Titans


Rush Hour


Smoke Signals

Stand and Deliver

The Human Stain

The Long Walk Home

The Visitor

The Wedding Banquet

When We Were Kings

White Man’s Burden